One of the main challenges for international students, whose first language is not English, is how and what they should do if they want to attend higher education in the UK, some of them might only want to learn English as an extra skills for their work environment or simply to extend their personal profile.

Our job in Fast Student Services is to recognize your needs and provide you with a comprehensive range of courses that allows you to choose with full confidence. We only choose the bests for you because your education matters to us!

All our English language schools that we offer are accredited by the British Council to ensure the highest standards. There are a variety of English courses in the UK and below you can find some of the most common courses that our students really like however if there is a particular course that is not listed below then please contact our friendly team to help you find the right course for you.

Academic English courses

These types of courses are mainly designed for those planning on studying at UK universities where the length of the course can be changed to suit to their needs. Academic English courses can help you to meet English language entry requirements to your academic study or to boost your confidence before you start your path to higher education in the UK.

Most of our students found academic English courses very helpful when combined with exam preparations like IELTS or ESOL Exams.

General English courses

General English courses are the most popular amongst international students who wants to improve their English for general purposes to enable them to use English language for their work or just want to learn a new language and improve their language skills.

General English courses can be very helpful as you have the chance to improve your listening, writing, speaking and reading skills with a native teacher. English languages courses are designed for all levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced. You will have the chance to discuss your level with your English school who will help you decide the best level for you.

Exam preparation courses

Exam preparation courses are intensive and help you improve your exam scores, the length of these types of course may vary depending on schools but it depends on your level of English and your expectation mark from the exam that you want to achieve. Most of our schools have a dedicated class for common exams like IELTS or FCE, it will help you to focus on things important for that specific exam. You can ask us for free advice on the type of school that delivers the best exam preparation for you.

Business English courses

Business English courses can be one-to-one lessons to meet your individual needs, or a group of 5 to 10 students.

You can expect a wide range of programmes in this type of courses as most of our students find it useful to improve their knowledge in areas such as written business communications, using the telephone and conducting conference calls or making internal or external presentations. A majority of our students in these courses are mature individuals who need specific knowledge to fill the gap in their English communication.

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